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Welcome to PCS member site

Post by hscheon » Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:30 am

Welcome to 'PCS member site :D

This website is for only the members of 'Center for theoretical Physics of Complex Systems (PCS), Institute for Basic Science (IBS), South Korea'. So, sorry, but, it is not allowed to use for other people.

If you are PCS member and you want to use this webpage, but you don't have an account of 'PCS member site',
please register in http://ctpcs.ibs.re.kr/pcs/ . First we'll check who you are, then we will accept the application of you only if you are our member.

If you are PCS member and you already have an account, please login in http://ctpcs.ibs.re.kr/pcs/ .

Thank you for your cooperation

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